Welcome at the Ehrwalder Alm!

This family-friendly ski and snowboard paradise for a memorable day on the slopes at an altitude of 1100-1900 meters. 27.5 kilometers of perfectly groomed slopes for all levels and modern ski lifts are available.

Experience the natural mountain setting between the Wettersteingebirge and the Mieminger Kette. The 8-seater gondola takes you in summer to an ideal starting point for hiking and mountain biking tours of various lengths and difficulty levels, rustic huts and idyllic mountain lakes.


Situation 08.00 Uhr:

Ehrwalder Alm (1.500m)

-6° C


sehr gut

Abfahrt ins Tal:


Schneehöhe auf 1.000m (Piste):

75 cm

davon Neuschnee seit 24 Std:

Schneehöhe auf 1.500m (Piste)

110 cm

davon Neuschnee seit 24 Std:

Morgen Freitag Rodelabend ab 18.30 bis 21.30 Uhr
Ausgezeichnete Pistenverhältnisse
NEU! Hochfeldern Alm nun auch im Winter geöffnet!
NEU! Blauer Pistenabschnitt im Bereich Issental-/Hochfeldernabfahrt

Weather in Ehrwald


After a few days of low pressure, a look at the barometer will tell us that the air pressure is rising now which means that a high pressure area is building over Central Europe!

We will see a calm start to the day with patches of fog and low stratus, a common feature of winter weather!

Open lifts

A Ehrwalder Almbahn
B 6er Ganghofer
C 6er Gaistal
D 6er Issental
E Hochbrand
F Klämmli
G Mini
H Kinderland
Ganghofer Loipe

Ski runs Ehrwalder Almbahn

1 Talabfahrt
Length: 3.600 m, Snow-covered: 3.600 m
Difference in altitude: 395 m
1a Talabfahrt
Length: 200 m, Snow-covered: 200 m
Difference in altitude: 120 m
2 Jägerhütte
Length: 2.200 m, Snow-covered: 2.200 m
Difference in altitude: 415 m
3 Klämmli
Length: 2.100 m, Snow-covered: 2.100 m
Difference in altitude: 195 m
3a Klämmli
Length: 1.200 m, Snow-covered: 0 m
Difference in altitude: 100 m
4 Feldernanger
Length: 2.000 m, Snow-covered: 2.000 m
Difference in altitude: 180 m
5 Hochfeldern
Length: 3.800 m, Snow-covered: 3.300 m
Difference in altitude: 440 m
5a Issental
Length: 2.400 m, Snow-covered: 2.400 m
Difference in altitude: 440 m
5b Hochfeldern
Length: 500, Snow-covered: 500
Difference in altitude: 50 m
6 Panorama
Length: 2.000 m, Snow-covered: 2.000 m
Difference in altitude: 440 m
7 Hochbrand
Length: 1.200 m, Snow-covered: 1.200 m
Difference in altitude: 275 m
7a Hochbrand-Familie
Length: 1.500 m, Snow-covered: 1.500 m
Difference in altitude: 275 m
8 Gaistal
Length: 2.000 m, Snow-covered: 1.700 m
Difference in altitude: 345 m
8a Gaistal
Length: 1.000 m, Snow-covered: 1.000 m
Difference in altitude: 130 m
9 Skiweg Bergstation
Length: 800 m, Snow-covered: 800 m
Difference in altitude: 30 m


leicht (18,1 km)

mittel (7,4 km)

schwer (2 km)

Events at the Ehrwalder Alm