Im Winter 2020/21 gibt es leider keine Schneeburg auf der Ehrwalder Alm!

A special adventure playground awaits you at Ehrwalder Alm: A castle – complete with towers and flags on top of the towers – will be set up, occupying an area of about 230m². However, this castle is not built from stone, cement or concrete. This castle is built from snow!


Snow castle Ehrwald

The Snowcastle Ehrwald is located next to the high-class mountain restaurant “Tirolerhaus”. This way, the most important parts of every lunch break - snacks and adventure, are taken care of! While the kids set out on a quest to explore the Snowcastle, parents can lean back and enjoy the view.

There’s a lot to discover in the Snowcastle, adventures are waiting behind the gate. Fancy a different kind of snowball fight? Off you go to the snowball wall! You want to explore an unknown world? Crawl through a tunnel into the highlight inside the castle – the ice cave! And after you’ve explored the ice cave, a slide takes you back to the courtyard. And then? Off to new adventures – the next slide is already waiting!


Don’t know what to do after all those fantastic adventures in the Snowcastle?

Back to the slopes – put your skis back on and discover the Funslope Ehrwald or the Familypark Ehrwald! DIDI, the jackdaw, is already waiting for you in the Funslope: Give DIDI a high-five and cruise through the Fun Twister. And if you want to give freestyle a try, head to the Familypark Ehrwald!

You want to know how the snow castle was built?

Build-up series – part 1

Build-up series – part 2

Build-up series – part 3

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