Aktivkarte Z-Ticket

23.05. - 01.11.2015

The Z-Ticket can be purchased as a 3 day or 7 day ticket. With the Z-ticket you can visit the attractions listed below free of charge. 

In the period from 23 May 2015 to 05 July 2015 (sale until June 29) and from 29 August 2015 to 01 November 2015 you can get the Z-ticket to a significantly reduced special price with bookings of 7 nights at Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. Please contact the tourist office or your hirer! 

Prices inclusive 10 % VAT.
All prices in Euro, subject to misprints!

Price "Z-Ticket" Summer 2015

3 days

7 days

Adults (from 19 years)
€ 54,00€ 74,00
Teens ( 16 - 16 years)€ 43,00€ 59,00
Children (6-15 years)
€ 26,00€ 35,00

Z-Ticket guideline

  • The ticket is not transferable, also not within a family.
  • Subsequent exchange for a different product – including a Z Ticket with a different validity period– and transfer to a different person
  • or change of the validity period are not possible.
  • No entitlement to a refund in case of bad weather, illness, early departure, failure or non operation of the systems.
  • The individual services to that you are entitled under this ticket are provided by legally independent companies. The company that
  • sells this ticket merely acts as an agent for the other companies. Consequently, only the corresponding company is obliged to provide
  • the individual services and to offer compensation in the event of any incident.
  • The Z Ticket allows the user to use the facilities of the member companies during the operation and opening times (special trips outside
  • the normal operation hours are excluded). The operation and opening times are determined by the respective member company.
  • You are not entitled to a full or aliquot refund in the event of closure of individual member companies (in part or in full) for operational
  • or any other reasons.
  • No replacement ticket can be issued in case of loss.
  • Should the user forget the Z Ticket, he/she must pay the full price charged by the corresponding member company.